Citrus fruit to be exported to Tibet

2070 असोज 6 गते 19:07 मा प्रकाशित

SEPT 22, KATHMANDU. The government is to export oranges of Syangja district and junar, a kind of citrus fruit produced in Sindhuli district of Nepal to Tibet of China on a trial basis from this year.

The government has made preparation to export citrus fruits as per the agreement reached in a meeting of Nepal-China-Tibet Trade Facilitation Committee held in Lhasa July last year.

Programme Director of the Directorate of the Agriculture Business Promotion and Market Division, Haribabu Tiwari, said that China has urged to identify whether or not the Nepali products are “Pestless” and register details of productions of farmers in the bodies concerned.

The Crop Protection Directorate has been preparing the Pestless list as per the Chinese request and the District Agriculture Development Office has forwarded registration process, said Tiwari.

Stating that they have been working being in a close contact with concerned officials to export citrus fruits to Tibet, he said further steps would be forwarded by reviewing the benefits to be received by Nepali farmers and reaction of the Chinese consumers.

A total of 70 tonnes of junar and same quantity of oranges are to be exported in the first phase.

The government has made preparations to export the citrus fruits through Chinese businessmen supplying apples through Tatopani entry point, it is learnt. RSS


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