Sunrise Bank provide Rs. 1 lakh to Dr. Wagle

2070 असोज 9 गते 18:48 मा प्रकाशित

SEPT 25, KATHMANDU. The Sunrise Bank Ltd has provided Rs. 100,000 financial support to cancer victim Dr. Chitra Prasad Wagle.

Dr. Wagle said that Chief Executive Officer of the Bank, Surendraman Pradhan, provided the support.

Different organisations have been providing financial support to Dr. Wagle as he was not able to go to USA for further treatment of cancer due to financial crisis.

Dr. Wagle, who contributed in health services in rural areas of western Nepal, has been suffering from cancer for the past one year.

Doctors involved in Wagle’s treatment have suggested him to go to America for further treatment. He has returned to Nepal at present after undergoing treatment of cancer in Thailand and India.

The cancer victim doctor has called on one and all for the support after he faced economic crisis for going to USA for further treatment. RSS


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  • bishnu लेख्नुहुन्छ    |   2070 असोज 13 गते 21:26

    its really good to read that Dr. Wagle got the financial support from bank. he is a man who have ever loved the villagers of agrakanchi and devoted himself in their service even though he can run his own business, but recently his health crisis has created problem for his own as well villagers. God have to protect him,Get Well Soon.